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Welcome to the RapidWeaver Developer Network or RDN for short.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

As far as I can see, this forum can be accessed by not logged users.
EDIT: It seems ok now.

Thanks Dan!

Can you recommend a good iOS app for viewing themes forums? (Other than Safari of course)

There’s no apps for this (AFAIK), I find the mobile version of this pretty excellent to be honest so have never thought it needed an app…


You can add the page to iOS home screen.
It will have a nice “Rm” purple icon.
Better than nothing.

Is it possible to grab the RSS feed from this category, I’ve tried but somehow because it’s a private category I’m afraid it does not work.

@weaver you can get the json by adding .json to the end of the url.
BUT! This only works if you are logged in, so you’d need to investigate their rest api to see how the handle the username and password details in their rest api I’d assume.

Discourse APIs don’t let you do it.

Just create a simple PHP script that logs in to this forum and passes http://forums.realmacsoftware.com/c/rapidweaver-developer-network.rss content through.

Thanks Gary, I will try it.