Discussion closed within 15 minutes

Hi, @dan,

Would you be so nice to explain, why did you close the discussion that I started in this thread? Was there something offending or inappropriate in it? There was just one short reply from @zeebe and I did not have a chance to comment any further.

Probably the discussion of their business which in my opinion should be off limits to users. Tell them how to make RapidWeaver better, but leave the

I feel like they discussed it on one of the podcasts but I can’t recall which one. They had logical/practical reasoning around not combining the two anyway. I don’t know if anyone else remembers.

Hi, guys,

Without an official reply from the RMS team, it is all just speculations. They could give me a 1-sentence answer and then close the thread. Instead, they decided to put their heads in the sand, so to speak…

As I always say: avoiding inconvenient questions only works against the company. And my intent was just to present a suggestion which, in my view, could help both the company and the users of their product. Even 3rd party developers should benefit from that.

Yup correct, we discussed this very openly on one of the earlier podcasts.

I don’t feel like the Realmac forum is the space to discuss this, hence I closed the thread. It’s a matter that Isaiah and I have discussed many times, and will again I’m sure.

Lets get back to Weaving!


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