Accordian stack in Foundation 6

Not sure what is going on but my accordion stacks will not expand when selected? Why might this be?

Do you have a URL to at least a test page?

I’m not having any issues with F6 Accordion.

Hi thanks for replying.

Looks like you are getting a JavaScript error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'window.stacks.jQuery')

Not sure why you are getting that without looking at the rest of the page?

Well is this enough to help?

and this?

Not sure if this is causing the issue (and JS error), but it looks like the section ID is the same for multiple sections section1?

Other than that it looks okay from what I see. I’m about to leave the office for the day. But I’d check that and try again. If that still doesn’t work then post back here with results.

Well I made the section ID’s different and same problem. I also created at test page with nothing on it except the accordion:

exactly the same problem?

I appreciate your help, I wonder if it is a straight forward bug in F6?

It works see section three of this page:

Something is causing a JS error. What else is on the page?

on the link absolutely nothing:

no site styles, you have to have that on every page

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so simple, I really did not appreciate the site styles had to be on every page, thanks this works now.

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