Not working Foundry stacks 3 : Modal, Tabs or popover or Accordion


Modal is not working anymore even though it was working a week ago.
Accordion was working until recently and do not know why it stopped.

I have checked console and there are no errors or warnings.

I have the latest versions of RW and stacks and foundry.

What could be the cause and how can I fix it?

Have you got a URL to look at Keith?

I’ve just dragged a Modal out into a Foundry project, added a paragraph stack and tested it and everything is working fine. Similarly an Accordion and Tab stacks. All good here.

Maybe something else on the page has changed and it’s affecting these stacks?

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here you go Rob.

I have been checking and tried the same on different pages even new pages. I am going to try without template perhaps…

Rob thanks for making me use my brain… the template I was using was not the foundry template :upside_down_face:

will have to find a generic modal stack

Yup, it’s the Elite theme. If you want a flexible lightbox/modal, have a look at Limelight from Big White Duck. It’s excellent.


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thanks! :slight_smile:

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