Stacks Issue from Newbie

Hello guys. I’m a newbie here and no big website designer, I just prefer to do my own than have to rely on people (previous experiences) lol.

I downloaded Foundation 6 but, after watching YouTube videos on it, don’t have nowhere near as many stacks as the guy does. I bought stacks before downloading Foundation and I literally only have like 10 stacks. I’m after the style stacks and menu stacks that the guy on YouTube has (Joe I think is his name). Am I missing something or what as he has all of those.

Any help would really be appreciated.


Paging @joeworkman or another F6 person.

Joe Workman Rob

Hi Warren,

It sounds like the Foundation 6 stacks didn’t install properly. How did you install them after you downloaded them?

I wonder if you do mean the F6 stacks or do you mean the free Templates? You say you downloaded F6, I’m assuming you mean you purchased it?

How did you install F6, this is what I see when I select all stacks in the RW library and search for Foundation 6.

Hi Gary. I purchased F6 yes but don’t see what you have. All I have is 10 stacks, none of the above. Was yours $99 yes?

So what are the 10 F6 stacks you have?

How did you install F6?

Do you also have Stacks 4 from Yourhead?

I had RapidWeaver and wanted to do sites from scratch rather than use templates so purchased F6 and then clicked on it to install it into RapidWeaver.

Prior to this, I had already purchased Stacks 4 from Yourhead before installing F6.

It is so frustrating lol.

This is all I have:-

The F6 package downloads as a zip file as far as I remember?

Double click on the zip file only unzips it, it does not install F6

Run RW and then drag the unzipped F6 file to the RW icon in the dock at the bottom of your screen, that should install it.

Two things to check. Look in RW Preferences > Plugins. Do you see Stacks 4 installed in the YourHead Software folder?

Then look in Preferences > Stacks and see if Foundation 6 is installed in the Weaver’s Space folder.

I double clicked them and then it brought up a box saying Install into RapidWeaver. The stacks are showing as 4.0 but when I select locate stacks in folder, there are Template 2, Template 4, Template 6 so, I try to instal Template 6 assuming this is the ones part of Foundation but still only shows the original 10 stacks from Yourhead.

Look at my screenshots and check as per my instructions.

Also, you will need the F6 Theme from the Weavers.Space F6 page.

Thanks Gary, I will spend some time checking this all out now. Thank you for your help.

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OK, got to go now, good luck.

What a dummy I am. I only unzipped the F6 and not the template addons haha.

Thank you sooooo much.


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