Accordion stack, jumping

I’ve had excellent results with CleanAccordion by 1LittleDesigner (1LD). Here is an example of CleanAccordion in action: Dam Maintenance Project


Wow. That’s great.


I had had the same issue with the CleanAccordion stack back on 13 May, but Jonathan Meadows and the support team of @1LDskyler @1LittleDesigner sent a pre-release fix on 25 May, then a public update a few days after that. I have been very happy with the features and performance of the One Little Designer’s CleanAccordion stack.


I purchased MouseReveal- it’s a very slick and well-done stack that will work great in certain pages, but not for this site since I have so much content that needs to be displayed. I look forward to using it, though.

Following Will’s advice, I swapped out the containers used on various pages for the Big White Duck’s Limelight & Limelight Bar. These free stacks do a marvelous job of not competing with the content being displayed, especially on mobile devices (screenshot below). The key to using the Limelight stack in this manner is to display the content in Sections (not modals) so that visitors won’t even realize that a Lightbox is being used. Brilliant.

You can see it in action here: Anderson Radiology | MRI, CT (Cat) Scan, Mammogram, X-ray & Ultrasound Imaging

Other nice features:

  • Each Limelight can be set to Lazy Load if desired (content loads after the main page has loaded)
  • You can double-up Limelights - so, my initial gallery is a Limelight in a section, and each photo is then displayed in a Limelight modal
  • Limelights can be set to launch on page load (e.g., Center Information) or hover (none on this page)
  • A little custom CSS allows the buttons to be customized (as I’ve done to make the mammogram button very noticeable)
  • it is very easy to link directly to individual Limelights on any page. For example, in the footer, select What should I order? (or FAQs, COVID-19, Documents to Bring)


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