Switcher stack now available

Two stacks for the price of one! Switcher is by-far the most customisable stack of its kind available on the market; capable of displaying content either in tabs or within an accordion (collapsing panels). Recently completely overhauled for Stacks 3, Switcher is fun to setup, fully responsive and has a brilliant choice of powerful style settings. Say goodbye to ugly preset skins, limited content types and caps on the number of items your accordion or tab layout can contain. Switcher has numerous potential uses in your projects. Many different content types are supported (including blocks of text, tables, responsive columns, static images, HTML5 audio, HTML5 video, YouTube and Vimeo content).

Switcher replaces the former Switchr and Togglr stacks by StackManiac.com / Aaron Marquez. This updated stack is provided as a 100% free update for all existing customers, regardless of when or where you purchased the Switchr or Togglr stacks from. If you think you might be entitled to the update, simply send a quick email to me, remembering to attach a receipt, invoice or other proof of purchase.

If you’re new to Switcher, please head over to the product page. Here you can find an introductory tutorial video about Switcher. The product page also provides several live examples of Switcher stacks in action, together with all the associated documentation. As always, a free demo version of Switcher is provided, so you can download and install switcher in RapidWeaver 6 / Stacks 3; to play around with all the settings and see what this stack can do!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the public Beta for Switcher and sent me lots of valuable feedback and feature requests.


That looks fantastic.

Thanks for the feedback !

Hi Will,

Thanks for the updates of the Switcher stack. Looks pretty powerful.

However, i have one issue and one request for you:

Issue: Extended content is being cut off both in preview and when published. Site i have tried is http://www.kabaribar.com/menu if you select any of the tabs and resize the browser you will see the content be cut off.

Request: Can we have an option to have the Accordion start closed for ALL tabs?

Cheers for your ears.

Simply adjust your max-height setting in the accordion stack settings. Looks like you have it at 600px currently. 1500px might work better for you. Screenshot attached below.

I am reviewing this setting and might replace it with something else if I can find a better way to animate the panels on Safari. As you might be aware already, max-height has to be animated with a minimum starting height of 0px and a max height expressed as an integer.

This has already been requested and is on the to-do list. I hope to add some jQuery to the stack that will listen for the starting item setting being set to 0. Then apply the required classes for the panels to start closed.

This is another really good powerful stack from Stacks4Stacks. There is no other stack out there that comes close to being as customisable as this. Very slick.

Hope the start with all closed can be a future feature.

Thanks @willwood I missed this because I have it set to tabs.

Just curious… Do you even need the max height setting at all?

Sorry @willwood, that doesn’t seem to work. I have set the Panel Max Height to a few different heights and it stays the same.

Switcher Version 2.1.0

  • Improved compatibility with older non-HTML5 RapidWeaver themes
  • Ability to independently define which tab panel AND accordion panel starts opened, as the page loads or resizes below the breakpoint
  • Improvements to the animation effects, to promote smoother transitions on a greater variety of web browsers and mobile devices
  • You can now safely start a tab or accordion layout ‘closed’ by simply setting the start numbers to 0 in the stack settings
  • Re-close accordion and tab panels by clicking their corresponding triggers
  • Removed the accordion max-height setting
  • Updated some informational tooltips in the stack settings
  • Removed the ‘hide until loaded’ setting so that Switcher stacks will now always fade into view on page load
  • Improvements to print and PDF output, so things look tidier and all content is shown on your handout
  • Fixed a bug whereby the first tab in a detached accordion would not start ‘active’
  • Improvements to the handling of video in the switcher panels

This is a free update. Click the ‘updates’ button in Stacks 3, read the release notes and follow the onscreen instructions to apply the update. A restart of RapidWeaver is recommended after applying the update.

A great update. Thanks Will.

Excellent. Some great new features.

Lots of welcome additions there!

Is there a way to make it so that you could link to a particular tab from another page? Is that even technically possible?

Thanks again @willwood for the updates. Just a small issue: i have the Tab Start set to 1 but on page load, nothing is selected.


Cheers for your ears.

It can insert your own picture to the “item Title”?

It might be possible in a future update to Switcher. We already do something similar in the TogglePlus stack, where you can construct a link and jump to that specific point in the page with the toggle panel opened: https://stacks4stacks.com/toggleplus/

Switcher is mostly intended to have item titles comprising of Font Awesome icons and title text; therefore ensuring the completed titles are fully retina display optimised and can be customised with the provided settings or your own custom CSS code. If you did want to use small images, then HTML image tags should work perfectly and allow you to link to any image: HTML img tag

Switcher 2.2

  • Improved compatibility with several other stack elements, like Post Office
  • Expanded on the choice of colour options available for text, backgrounds and icons
  • You can now select individual Switcher items and override their colour settings
  • Animations may now appear smoother to some users
  • Fulfilled the feature request to have tabs and accordions optionally activate on hover
  • Extensive tidying and optimisations to the underlying source code
  • Expanded on the choice of options you have for embedding Switcher stacks into different parts of your page
  • Support for nested accordions!
  • Fading effects between tab panes can now optionally be disabled in the stack settings
  • Fixed a bug that might’ve caused some audio or video to continue playing when Switcher was switched
  • New advanced options to easily hide icons in tab or accordion modes

Please note, after installing this update you may need to check and reconfigure some of your title, icon and background colours. This is because the ID’s for some of the settings have changed (we have added more colour settings for you). Obviously this means it would be unwise to apply this update immediately if you are working towards a tight deadline! To have the accordion start with no panels active, set the starting number to something high like ‘100’.

Some more examples of Switcher stacks have been added to the Switcher page. The update is available via automatic updates in Stacks or by logging into your Paddle Locker.

A note about the free demo version
Since the very beginning we’ve always provided free demo versions of our RapidWeaver addons. It seems the moral thing to do and means you know exactly what your getting. We’re currently running a month-long pilot on the Switcher stack demo, which will give you the ability to setup tab or accordion configurations and fully test the stack to its limits. However unlike other demo’s you’ll have the opportunity (if you decide to buy the stack) to automatically unlock the demo version (by installing the purchased version); therefore preserving all your content and settings. Please provide any comments or feedback you might have about this new system. If successful, we hope to roll it out for other stacks too.


I’ve already praised this stack and it just continues to get better, but I wanted to remark on the fact that the demo version is a big reason for why I ended up buying the stack.

I would imagine it is a pain in the ass to create those, and maybe they come with some liabilities, but as a consumer it is a godsend. I long for the days when nearly all computer applications had demos, but for reasons I don’t understand they mostly seem to have fallen out of favor, and all we’re left with is taking the advice of strangers (I’m looking at you App Store! :confounded:)

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This stack just gets better and better. It was already the by far the most customisable tab and accordion stack out there. Now it has just moved to another level with Will’s latest enhancements.

I too really like the fact that there are demo versions available from Stacks4Stacks. More developers should do this as it save time and frustrating purchases. However, in this case I understand the way that Will has created the demo version.

@willwood The addition of permalinks would be fantastic … Nice work Will thanks.