Looking for stack that kan swap hidden content in one area when klicking on names in a vertical list


I have currently built a list with an accordion stack that works very well. It show and hide responsive Stacks content with text and tables. (No images, but data and buttons for editing the content).
I also need to be able to open a specified “row” on loading the page from another page using the # tag in the URL.

So far so good, but now the list is starting to getting to long, so I am looking for a different approach:

Long list with text links in         Common content area with the data
a <div> with scrolling               that is now located in the accordion.
...                                  The content in this area is swapped
...                                  when clicking on a name in the list.
...                                  I guess these will be hidden <div>'s
...                                  with unique ID's.

I am using latest RW 6, Stacks 3 and ThemeFlood themes, so I have access to JQuery and Bootstrap.
I have played around with show and hide in Bootstrap, but I don’t know how to swap since my knowledge of JavaScript is rather basic. I can read and follow a script, but I can’t write them by myself.

I would be so happy if someone can point me in the right direction and suggest a stack, gallery or plugin that can do what I am looking for :relaxed:


Maybe Content Switcher is the right Stack for you?!

Cheers Maik


Wow! Thank you Maik!

Just what I was looking for and more then that.
You just made my day and I wish you a very happy day as a reward :smile: