Add Alt Tag to images in Resources

How do you add an Alt Tag to images in resources?

How about:
<img id="my_image" src="%resource(my-image.jpg)%" alt="some_text">

Thank you - I was hoping there would be some easy media-inspector type way but maybe not. I’ll give this a go.

would a variation on this work for a Logo alt-tag? I’ve seen this question asked before but no answers. I believe it may be an option in RW7 but we’ll see.

I may not 100% be grasping exactly what you mean but I think so.

The following was straightforward in the Split theme:

(a) Add a supercharged div targeting stack to the page Eg Houdini or the Anywhere stack ( apologies for any I have missed - I am certain there will be others).
(b) Set the targeted div id as ‘logo’.
© Drop an html stack into that.
(d) Into the html stack paste (this is just an example):
<a href=""><img src="%resource(mylogo.png)%" width="562" height="500" alt="Im_supposed_to_be_good_for_seo"/></a>
And preview…

The logo is now targeted with the image and - if you look at the generated source - the alt tag is populated too.
Is that somewhat close to what you meant?


OK - from the beginning. For various reasons I have had to put a client site name into image format as a logo rather than header text - and this is obviously not so good for SEO. What I therefore want is to add an alt-tag to make the logo recognisable as the client name.No way to do this in RW6 so just wondering about some custom code to do it. I think your suggestion here would work - neat idea.

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