How to Add Alt Tag to images in Resources?

I need help to add ALT tag to some images in Resources…
Any suggestion to do it please?

How are you inserting the images inside the resources into the RW page?

well just drag and drop to RW resources…

any suggestions to do it?

How are you inserting the images on the page? With HTML code or some other way?

for example like this into sidebar inspector: img src="%resource(banner14.jpg)%" />

You can use the Embed Stack instead of an image stack.

Simply add an alt tag after your src=...
Example here:

This is how I do:

<img src="%resource(banner14.jpg)%" alt="Banner">

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Or take this fiver stack:

There you are able to link resource images with an alt / caption text onto the page.

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Thank you so much !!!

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and for the Resources Images into RW left sidebar? How can i do it? Please