How to Add Alt Tag to images in Resources?

(andrea) #1

I need help to add ALT tag to some images in Resources…
Any suggestion to do it please?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

How are you inserting the images inside the resources into the RW page?

(andrea) #3

well just drag and drop to RW resources…

(andrea) #4

any suggestions to do it?


How are you inserting the images on the page? With HTML code or some other way?

(andrea) #6

for example like this into sidebar inspector: img src="%resource(banner14.jpg)%" />

(Lisa Sandler) #7

You can use the Embed Stack instead of an image stack.

(Andrew Tavernor) #8

Simply add an alt tag after your src=...
Example here:


This is how I do:

<img src="%resource(banner14.jpg)%" alt="Banner">

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #10

Or take this fiver stack:

There you are able to link resource images with an alt / caption text onto the page.

(andrea) #11

Thank you so much !!!

(andrea) #12

and for the Resources Images into RW left sidebar? How can i do it? Please