Add comments and developer notes to pages within RW

I’m trying to find a simple method to add comments on the page which are visible to me inside RW but do not end up getting published to the page. Something like a non-publishing text stack would be perfect. Any suggestions gratefully received. Ta. D.

Locker should do this: (it’s free, I believe)

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Many thanks Jason - it seems to be fine for what I need. For the benefit of anyone else wanting to use it for notes - I found that only by setting a background colour to the ‘hidden’ text stack does the text become visible within RW.

Also found this other similar stack which is not free.

Thanks again. D.

While we’re on the topic… This was pointed out recently: about locker stacks not blocking javascript or CSS from loading.

Just an FYI as a tip that I didn’t know about before…


Hi @Davy,
while this is not at page level (which is what you seem to be asking) I use the built-in Notes section under RW settings to make notes about my project. An example of my approach is:


  • Add Google Analytics code


  • Add optimised banner image

About Us

  • Ask client for team photo


Otherwise, @defligra has some brilliant stacks to organize the page and add notes .

Hope this helps.



If you have any of my Templates or Projects you can use the included PADDYNotes stack created specifically but for this purpose which uses Markdown.


You could just add a text stack and set it to ‘Hide this Stack’ by clicking on all formats; Mobile, Tablet and Desktop in the stack settings.
Maybe not the most elegant of solutions but presumably it should work.

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… by the way Gary, I love your PADDY stacks and works perfectly with Foundry.
I can recommend them to everyone, apart from the great help from Webdeer customer service :slightly_smiling_face:


Be careful. Hiding a stack does not stop it being published so your notes or whatever will be available for all to see when published.

PADDYNotes only shows the content in Edit mode and is never previewed or published.


Some great ideas here folks. I’m very grateful for them all. Many thanks!. D.