Setting up new blog page, are comments possible?

Hello all, happy holidays! I just did a search about blog comment sections and found nothing recent. I am currently using Rapid Weaver 8 and have access to stacks comments, but no stacks blog format, (is there one that is native to RW and not from some other form?)

If I use RW blog page, is there a current way to have readily workable comments section for each post?

Many thanks!

With the built-in blog page type there is an option to add Disqus. I never have used it but it’s there.

If you want to use stacks, then consider Poster 2.

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Which also supports Disqus comments:

Thanks for the input. I just looked up Disqus and its not for me. Now Poster works with Comments stack which I have and like. However Poster 2 asks for some PHP about which I know nothing, except a long time ago I looked into php and could not comprehend. Do you have a link to the php that is needed for Poster 2? So I can see if my addled mind can handle it? Thanks!

Comments stack also requires PHP.

All you have to do is check if your hosting plan includes PHP (which should).

Yes, I’m sure it does. I guess that poster gives good instructions for the ignorant?

You won’t have to take care at all at the end.

I’ve posted a link to the documentation above, you can have a look first.

Arrgh, I read through some of the poster 2 instructions. Looks like spaghetti to me. Also there is a statement that the new version works with comments stack but there are no instructions for it listed there.

Well, I put a lot of effort into the documentation.
But of course it’s not for everyone.

There are other stacks based blogs available like Total CMS you can have a look at.

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