Add Google Blogger to RW7

Hi -

I’m new to blogging but need to import a Google Blogger blog into my Rapidweaver Foundation site. I see there’s a Blog plugin in RW7, but I can’t find a tutorial on how to link it to the relevant Google Blogger blog. Is it possible to do this?

I’d prefer to use a stack to be honest, but Yourhead’s RapidBlog seems to be currently unavailable to purchase and that seems to be the tool I need to be able to do this. Can anyone confirm that when it does become available, this is likely going to be the best tool?

Any other suggestions? Any views would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Rapidblog is the only way I know if to bring in a Blogger blog. I’m sure it’ll be available soon. I’ve got a few sites using the old version and they’re working pretty well, though these days I find Tumblr easier to integrate.


Yeah, thanks @robbeattie. I’d come to the same conclusion re. RapidBlog being the only way so it’s great to have your confirmation - thank you!

I need to use Blogger as this client uses it on another site and he wants to keep things simple re. his workflow. I get that. Just a pity that it’s currently not available. @isaiah? Any possibility of an update on when please?

it was supposed to be last week. however i injured my back so schedules are a bit in chaos at the moment. i can’t make any commitments at the moment. but hopefully not too long.


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Get well soon, @Isaiah!

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Sorry to hear it, @isaiah - I hope you recover quickly (for your own sake, not because I would like RapidBlog!)

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Hi @isaiah, I was looking for some information about Blogger today and stumbled across this thread, hope you are recovered and back to full fitness. Is there any news on your RapidBlog update for RW7? Keen to see what can be done.
Best wishes