❔What do you want to see in RapidWeaver 8 and beyond?

Hey Weavers,

I’d like to get your feedback on some of the bigger changes or features you’d like to see in the next major release of RapidWeaver. Let me know what’s on your wish list.

FYI: we’re sill working on RapidWeaver 7.x and will be for many, many months to come, we will of course be adding plenty of new features and fixes in 7, so please don’t panic. Making 7.x fast and stable is a priority for us!

I’m asking about RW 8, so we can see the bigger picture on what the community wants and plan for it :slight_smile:

So what would you like to see in RapidWeaver 8?



Said this when you asked for RapidWeaver 6 and RapidWeaver 7. If you want your blog plugin to actually be something people will use, it needs this:

  1. Give the ability to add the blog to a stacks page. Look at Yabdab and Formloom 3 or 4gnd and RapidCart Pro (keep it a page plugin, but import it to a stacks page possibility).
  2. Have the ability to link to social media from all blog pages.
  3. Make an iOS app so you can make new posts to your blog from an iOS device (hell even make one for Android).

+1, yes, please!

Can’t say that enough!

Don’t make it a stack though! It must be a page plug-in!

I adjusted my request. I don’t want it a stack, but want a stack like for Formloom or RCPro that brings it into a stacks page.

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That makes sense as long as it can also stand alone as a final product!
There are too many cheap/free apps out there. RW is getting expensive as an ecosystem. Sooner or later they are going to eat Rapidweaver’s lunch if caution and diligence is not applied to the planning of the whole product mix.

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An eBlast creator!!

All of the elements are there for creating an email newsletter! The current solutions myself and others (including Joe Workman) aren’t very happy with them. I want to be able to quickly create a newsletter with the tools I already know. Please favorite this one and think about it! The solutions out there like Mail Designer Pro 3 and Coffee cups aren’t cutting it.

You can create a new business by adding eBlast themes!

If you think it really needs to be a standalone app and not part of RW, then I suggest creating a dumbed down version of RW. And please include easy integration with Sendy! Lots of people are using it because it’s affordable.

I know they’re great ideas… and if you really appreciate it, you can send me a copy of RW 8 when it comes out next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the flexibility the new meta data interface offers, I would like to see it with perhaps shortcuts to the most commonly used tags. Similar to what Armadillo has done. Jon’s implementation is easy and quick as far as I am concerned.

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The ability to manage ads and may be a Windows version because I am disappointed by the computers sold by Apple (especially the MacPro) and I think to buy a PC…

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I’d love to see a new blog page.

  • self hosted (no external server dependencies)
  • compatible with flat-files (so folks without php can still use it)
  • dynamic features like fast search (maybe in front-end JS?)
  • markdown (for nerds) or styled text (for muggles)
  • pain-free media posts: image-only-posts, audio, video, tweet-cards, Instagram-previews
  • open graph support: so folks can facebook link and see pretty things
  • stacks integration – of course!!! :slight_smile:

but don’t rush it. seems like RW 7 is still taking it’s first toddler steps. better to get it right than get it now.


I would like to see in-built support for free trials of stacks and themes, so developers can safely let you use and evaluate their stuff. I’m fed up of buying stacks and finding within an hour of use that they don’t do quite what I need them to do. But I understand that it’s difficult for developers to simply give refunds and hope people are being honest.


Everything he said…

Especially this bit here.


@nick - this (the stacks bit) is on me. and it’s something i’ve been giving a lot of thought to. the “try-before-you-buy” model has always worked best for me – both as a developer and a customer!!! i’d love to enable that for stack developers too. i think it would be a huge win for everyone.

realistically it might have to wait until Stacks v4 – it would no small thing – but if i can find any way to wedge that into Stacks 3.5 i sure as heck will try my hardest. :smile:



RE: Try before you buy…
That goes for themes too. I have purchased themes only to soon toss them. EVERY theme should have a try before you buy feature. I made a decision some time ago… No try… No buy… :wink:


What I would like to see from RW releases is not more “things” but…
• Better documentation which is updated when changes occur.
• More Beta testing before the release with ALL issues addressed.
• Better support system once the release occurs.


I agree with the a number of the statements above. As bad as I would like to see the blog updated, really badly; lets get 7 fixed first. Focus our eyes on the prize! Happy Weavers means great future sales!

Just solid FTP. Rock solid. No more failed uploads. Buy a good FTP service and integrate it. Do anything, just make sure it works 100%.


What I want? It is simple beyond the simplest: no more new features for that version. Instead, I want everything to work as advertised and a lot faster than presently. So far, since version 4.x, everything works worse and slower with every new version (or doesn’t work as expected), not better and faster, as RMS wants us to believe.

Take care of a multitude of quirks, incompatibilities and slowness, make an interface that follows Apple’s best practice guides, make windows remember their state (open/closed, position), make FTP work or get rid of it so that users can keep their sanity. Make the upgrading and updating process easy and fail-proof. The list can be an arm-long, but I hope you get my meaning…


Could not agree more with Rob D. Do what Apple does when its OS is a modified cat.

Maintenance, stability, no upgrade knots, reliability, robustness and… stability and maintenance + robustness and painless upgrades.

Good luck whatever it is.

what Rob D said, plus… do not let (spamming) “partners” send promo codes three days after new version’s general release :angry:
either give discounts yourself (to forum subscribers?) or don’t do it at all :rolleyes:

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Here are two things - more to come:

  • HTML5 media support so you can just add a media file by drag and drop and it creates a HTML5 player.
  • Let me dream: the possibility to import published pages (html pages, web page) back into a RW project. I don’t mean just copy in the text but also auto select the theme used, styles, variations, content, … - I know this is hard - if not impossible - but hey, you asked for it and at this stage it is important to also list almost impossible things.