How to make a Google blog

I have a huge problem with my blog and i have used Amarillo Which Will NOT work on my new site but it Works on my old site. It Will NOT show content and i have tried all.

So i have seen a Google blog but i Cant Really get it to work Antonse who Can help me why it Does NOT work in RW ?

Is Nimblehost - the author of Armadillo - not able to help? I’ve heard their support is excellent if you haven’t tried that route yet.

The only Google blog I know of is Blogger. It is possible to include a Blogger blog in your Rapidweaver site using a plugin called RapidBlog but although that’s working fine on a few of my sites I don’t think that Yourhead (which now owns RapidBlog) is planning to develop it any further. @isaiah will be along I’m sure and give you chapter and verse.

Does it have to be a Google blog though? The Tumblr blog is free, works well and can be added to a RW site using either Will Woodgate’s free MicroBlog stack or Joe Workman’s Tumblr stack.

Hope you’re able to sort it out.


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Yes Jonathan have been very helpful and none of us understand why the content is Gone from my computer and phone i Cant see the content but he Can Which is Strange and i tried to deactivate java Which dont give any meaning since i Cant see anything then.

I Like to use armadillo but since i Cant get it to work i need to try something Else

So i just need something to make sure we Can put news on our website and i have rapidblog but it sont work anyway

I Can try and look tumblr and see


It’s perfectly possible to add the Google Blogger page to your site - I do it here and here using the News Grid Stack -

Dont you use rapidblog then ? And Can you still do it from example a phone as normally with This stack too


No, just the News Grid Stack, Yes works fine on phone. Clicking any title on a displayed post will take you to the Google Blogger page.

But i only want it to stay on the website NOT going to Google blogger Which is possible with rapidblog or do i misunderstand

I just wish my armadillo worked

The Stack has many options, clicking the title or ‘Read More’ can be set to open in a new tab keeping your original website page open - for just a few Euros it could be worth a try to keep your blog displayed on your website.

Another reason to love this forum. I bought News Grid in a bundle a few years back and have never used it. This stack will be perfect for an upcoming project. Cheers @DaveFox


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I Will try and look at it later today and see if i Can get it to work