Add/import Blog footer/extra content

Is there a way to add @imported stacks page to a blog? I’ve got a universal extra content page (pluskit) that I @import to all pages. Is there a way to add that to the blog?

Hi, @LSPhoto, if you’d be willing to use a 3rd party blog, like Armadillo (which I am using), you wouldn’t have this dilemma, because Armadillo is based on stacks, as opposed to a plug-in. It does not require any subscriptions or fees because it is a self-contained blog-platform. Besides, Armadillo is not just a blog. It is a Content Management System.

So, in effect, you’d be adding the blog to a stacks-page rather than the other way around. That is a much more flexible method.

I hope that helps…

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I love stacks vs plug-ins, so it sounds like a good thing. Is it easy to set up?

If you read and follow all the instructions that @nimblehost provides, it shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. If you get stuck, however, Jonathan from NimbleHost is one of the most helpful and patient developers. He will gladly guide you through the whole process, I’m sure.

Thanks. I’ve emailed him with some questions so we’ll see.

Good luck, Lisa. Armadillo is not the only solution for your needs, but it certainly is a good choice – especially for people who do not use Total CMS or do not want to pay fees for having a blog on their site.

If your blog is a simple one, you could also consider the free MicroBlog from Will Woodgate (another developer offering a great support).

LOL, I’m using Will’s theme, Volcano, which he modified for me, and about 25 of his stacks too. I asked him what he thought of Armadillo and he said he heard good things about it. I am a photographer, so most of my blogs have a lot of images in them… unlike most people’s. I never thought to ask him about his MicroBlog.

@LSPhoto I also use the Volcano theme with a couple of course websites I’m developing. Works great with Armadillo.

BTW, you may also want to consider Will’s LiteBox stack. Works fantastically well with Armadillo. The result is I can insert images and the will be auto-lightboxed in the blog entry if someone clicks on them.

@Mathew… Already using LiteBox :slight_smile: I’ve got most of Will’s stacks.

@LSPhoto That’s great. I heard “most” but not “all”. :slight_smile: Armadillo works very nicely, BTW.