Photo Blogging Blogger to?

I have a blog I made years ago using blogger. I’m tempted to just have a link to it because I don’t want to have to start again from scratch. However, it seems like it might be easy enough to transfer my content to a blogging stack? The main reason I’m considering something other than blogger is that I imagine there are better solutions regarding rendering nice blog images. What are some blogging stacks I might consider, possibly aimed at photographers, other than what RW offers?

some day my link will direct you to a RW site!

I’m in a similar situation. I have a Blogger blog that I want to move.

I’ve decided to switch it over to Armadillo and use the opportunity to make it responsive as well with a different theme.

Alternatively, you could look at YourHead’s RapidBlog plugin. This allows you to incorporate a Blogger blog into your Rapidweaver site, styled to fit in with the rest of the site.

There are some caveats - RapidBlog is an old plugin and it’s future is unclear, but it might be worth considering. Search the forums for ‘RapidBlog’ and the latest information should come up.

Elsewhere, you’ve got RW Writer, which people speak highly of but I’ve never used as well as TotalBlog (but that’s part of a larger and more expensive set of stacks for content management); One thing about TotalBlog is that the developer has come up with a way of importing an old Tumblr blog into TotalBlog so I guess it’s not impossible he’ll do the same for Blogger?

I’m doing the switch manually, post by post and backdating them. Fortunately (?) the site gets very little traffic - it’s a vanity project - and so I don’t need to keep any SEO ‘juice’ because it doesn’t have any!

Good luck.



Needless to say that with Gallery Stack, you will get some nice photo galleries for Armadillo to.


Pulse CMS has a blog import feature that covers RapidWeaver blogs, Tumblr and even Blogger - so please give that a try:

And if you use the Pulse Stacks ( you can also use a special version of Gallery Stack 3 ( which means you can add galleries into blog posts - effectively making a photo blog :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


Thanks so much! What a cool job it would be to develop this stuff.



Didn’t realise that Michael. Thanks for the info.

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