CMS help/advice

I think I know what CMS solutions are out there but I haven’t really used any yet!
Have a friend who wants to be able to ADD simple content (image/text) to a ‘lets call it a blog area’ to a website we are working on together.
Needs to be simple to use from the admin point of view for a relative novice. And expensive is not an option!
(I have Sentry, Armadillo, Easy CMS, Quick Editor, Webyep and Poster stack - the latter I understand is able to update from online??)

Appreciate any pointers…
Thank you

Easy CMS would be my pick, but if it needs to function as “blog”, I’d use Armadillo or Poster. But I’m not 100% sure if Poster can be edited externally yet.

If it’s just text/images in a page, Easy CMS would work well.

There’s also GoCMS

As for Poster online blogging more information can be found here:


Hi Neil
Need something that can ‘add’ content, not just edit…can Easy CMS do that?

Hi Wendy, sorry, I misunderstood.

I think you’ll need to be more specific about the use case to get the correct solution.

Regards the usage…only image and text need adding.
But it is adding and not just editing content already there…so I suppose nearest thing is a ‘blog’???
Honestly looking at using Armadillo…due to the cost, and I have it already! I like the look of GoCMS but at $149 its too much when I might only use it for one website??

Armadillo sounds like the best option in this case.

I thought so, but will take a look at Poster stack again and see if I can get my head around online blogging - know it can be done, just looks difficult!!! And then my inexperienced friend needs to be able to do it too!!

Right, still need some help/advice…all solutions a bit confusing
I need a CMS solution which

  1. can function as a blog
  2. Is not expensive (sorry Total CMS/GoCMS!)
  3. Must be able to ADD a post
  4. Must be simple for a client to add image and text online.

Thank you if there is anything out there.

Armadillo is, IMHO, the best solution based on your requirements.

Armadillo is likely your best solution here, but did you explore Poster more? It’s a very nice stack.

What’s the most you’d want to pay? (Expensive really varies from person to person.)

If you already use Foundry then Alloy is a fantastic system and super user-friendly.


Hi Matthew and Neil, thanks for comments
I looked at Poster stack, but think it might be not be suitable for a client (friend) to add stuff - it may get better in the future but honestly I actually cant get a handle on it (Markdown folders +++), so not sure a website newbie would find it easy.
I am seriously considering Alloy as the site is Foundry based (will do a bit more research…wish Adam would run a discount more often!!!)
Otherwise I am trying to get a handle on Armadillo. Think it is between those two.
Expensive is $100+, or $99 per domain. I do stuff for friends so the cost stops with me!!

Given what you said, Alloy is definitely the way to go. Complete no brainer now that I have a bit more info. It’s $85 and you can use on as many domains as you want.

It does use markdown, but in a very userfriendly way. Really easy to upload images. You can control the types of buttons the user has in the editing experience so you can tailor the editing experience for your user.

Check out some of the videos, but if you want a quick tour or key questions not answered by the videos then let me know and I’ll try to create a screencast for you.

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It will.


Hi Matthew
Thanks…as I said am going to work through the Alloy tutorials…

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Thanks Jannis…
May not be in time for this project, I really wish it was…but looking forward to any Poster updates.
Would love something that allows less experienced people to add posts to a Poster blog page, no need for FTP or Markdown knowledge…hope that is on your radar, or even possible…

Yupp, you will be covered.

BRILLIANT - excited already :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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BUT do you have any time line for this??? If it is not too far away I can start with Poster stack now and wait for the updates

Yes, I have my internal plans.

That’s all relative…