Adding a Caption on Photo Album Page

How do you add a caption to appear instead of a filename in the Photos Album page?

I see the space to put it in but there is absolutely no way I can actually enter any text into it.

Any advice gratefully accepted

I found the setting here( bottom) , but it didn’t appear when I had “use master style” selected so it may be theme related?
I don’t know!

You should be able to double-click on the caption area and it will open up.

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I guess I misunderstood :wink: I assumed it didn’t appear…

Hi Doug

I double clicked the caption a thousand times, just beeps at me.


Just try once with a pause and once again and wait…
You are probably getting frustrated unless it has something to do with your mouse/setting?

BTW, managed to get a crash (on my system) by trying to change the “size” field of the picture.
Why try that?
Because it caused a crash, and that could be corrected? :wink:

It looks like when a row is highlighted, its a single-click in the caption field.

Hi Don

That did the trick! Thanks


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