Changing font color and size in a photo caption on a RW photo album page

I have a website ( that I use as a portfolio for my artwork. I do not use the site to sell work over the internet, however I have found that many people that are interested in possibly purchasing my work want to know what is available (I do this by email). I think it would be far easier for them and me if I can just put a little sticker like sign on each photo of a piece to let them know if it is available or sold. My thought was just to add a red S or a green A in the top line of the caption. Seems easy, but don’t know if that can be done. Can you add CSS in the caption field? You can see that I already created a much longer space for the caption using CSS in the page style, but I don’t want to turn all of the caption green or red, just one character. Maybe someone has a better idea or knows if I can do this.


Did you ever resolve this issue? I also wanted to place a dot in the caption with a colour. I tried using where the dot is from bullets/stars (iMac emoji and symbols chooser). It sort of worked in that it appeared correctly in the album caption. However, when I click on the image to get a full size view, the caption still appears correctly above the picture with the dot in correct colour, but then an incorrect version of the caption also appears on the right of the picture and below, but with no colour. I tried with a simple letter instead of a dot with same result. Thanks.

This is what i see when I visit one of your album pages:

I don’t see the duplicate captions you described. This was in Safari, same in Firefox.

Maybe try emptying your browser cache, and/or try it in another browser or a private window.

Also, you may want to republish all files, as there are some file missing errors in the web inspector.

Sorry I was not more clear earlier.

The current published site uses red, purple and orange circle emojis. The red ones seemed to work fine on both our iMacs and our iPad. But the purple and orange ones did not render on my older iMac on the photo album captions. (I had asked the question about emojis separately yesterday.) We have a very old (10 years) iMac and the red emoji did not show on that one even in thumbnail album mode. Friends reported similar issues on Chrome. So my conclusion was that not all systems supported those symbols and that’s when I decided to try the bullet symbol that I described above.

However, the live published site still uses the emojis and that is what you were looking at. My apologies for not explaining that.

The problem I reported with using the other large dot is showing up in review mode here, it is not published yet. I didn’t want to change the published version until I had something that worked.

It is when I try to change the colour of the this new large dot () that the odd repeat caption happens to the right and bottom of the image. This is a screen grab

I was hoping that someone had experienced this before. Without a published site I understand that it is difficult to diagnose this.

This is a screen grab of the mangled caption:

I replaced angle brackets below with “ avoid formatting.

This is the contents of the caption box (cut/pasted from edit mode):

“B"Brigus Bridge”/B" “span style=“color:orange”“●”/span”
"BR"Brigus, N.L. “BR"Oil on canvas
“BR"50.8 cm x 40.64 cm (20” x 16”) - 2011

And this is the snippet of code from RW8 page view:

“div class=“thumbnail-wrap” style=“width:435px; height:435px;””
“div class=“thumbnail-frame” style=“width:435px;””
“a href=“files/page8-1017-full.html””“img src=“files/page8-1017-thumb.jpg” “alt=“BrigusBridge640.jpg” width=“347” height=“436”/””/a"
“p class=“thumbnail-caption””“B"Brigus Bridge”/B" "span “style=“color:orange”“●”/span” “BR"Brigus, N.L. “BR"Oil on canvas “BR"50.8 cm x “40.64 cm (20” x 16”) - 2011”/p”


One problem is it looks like your using curly quotes, also known as smart quotes, for some of the quotes. Turn them off in RW preferences. That can definitely cause problems. If you’re pasting the code, make sure you use “paste as plain text” from the RW menu.

Probably best to post on your other thread as this one is so old and @teefers was already helping you there.

You’re probably right. I only posted a question in this thread to the OP because it sounded like he and I were trying to do the same thing, that is, put a colored dot in the caption field of a photo album.

Btw, I only used curly quotes in the above message because if I left in the original angle brackets < and > in this help forum, the text would be formatted. I didn’t know how else to avoid that. The curly quotes are not present in the actual code.

If you want to post code on the forum, then you after you paste it into the post select it and hit the preformatted button above where you type. </>.


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Thanks. Obviously I’m new to this. Tried a quick search about this last night, but it was late and I wasn’t firing on all cylinders.