Changing font color and size in a photo caption on a RW photo album page

(Michael Foster) #1

I have a website ( that I use as a portfolio for my artwork. I do not use the site to sell work over the internet, however I have found that many people that are interested in possibly purchasing my work want to know what is available (I do this by email). I think it would be far easier for them and me if I can just put a little sticker like sign on each photo of a piece to let them know if it is available or sold. My thought was just to add a red S or a green A in the top line of the caption. Seems easy, but don’t know if that can be done. Can you add CSS in the caption field? You can see that I already created a much longer space for the caption using CSS in the page style, but I don’t want to turn all of the caption green or red, just one character. Maybe someone has a better idea or knows if I can do this.