How to add text in a Photo Album page

I’m slowly getting my head around the quirks of this app but one thing I can’t figure out is how to work with the Photo Album page. I’m using the Artful theme and I can add and remove photos but I can’t see how to edit any headers or or other text on the page. For example, in the sample layout there is a title and text “Here’s a gallery from…” but I can’t see how it is generated. Also, when I add images to a new Photos Album page they appear in a slideshow - can I change that?

I hope you are using Stacks, without it you are only using 10% of what RapidWeaver is capable of. Even the Photo Album page.
Just one long time users opinion.

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You are able to define this inside the page inspector → photo album plugin settings

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

Ah! I thought I had clicked everywhere - don’t know why I didn’t see that! Thanks

No I haven’t. I don’t need a great deal of functionality, so I’ll see how far HTML will takes me first.

Good luck!

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