Adding a Filter to light page

Has anybody successfully added a filter to Nick Cates Light Page? If so, what did you use?

Hi. Just found your post and wondered if you came up with a solution?
I have posted asking if anyone has combined Light Page with Filter Stack

I guess I can make a page that looks like the ALL gallery of Lightpage and add filter stack to that page then link each image to the internal image (clicked on image) in Light page … in otherwords have a false ALL Gallery Light Page. But it does not really work because if one clicks ALL within Light PAge one will go back to the real Light page ALL gallery not the Filter stack page.

Hi @Figory

No, I never found an answer and never managed to get Light Page and Filter to work together.
It’s a shame because I really like Light Page. I ended up just using Filter.

Thanks so much for info.
I’ll keep you posted if I get anywhere.

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