Has anyone combined Nick Cates light page with Stacks for Stacks Filter stack?

IIn order to create a"search by" gallery I thought I could create a page of images.
In this case people. So for example 18 images of people in a grid.
Like the tee shirt demo page for FILTER stack.

Then I can create a sort bar
Then link the final sorted image to the persons light page.
Has anyone done this?
I’d love to take a look!

I created something similar on this page: https://digitdogs.co.uk/about-us/instructors/
The filter set I used is by Barz Stacks. I also used ‘Top Box’ from Stacks4Stacks as a light box for more info when you click on each instructor.
No idea if it would work with Nicks theme.

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Thank you. Yes this is exactly what I would like to do.

I’d like to get it working with Light Page if I can, because then once in an item page one can scroll fwd and back to the next /previous person.
Thank you for posting this

Stephen Foster isn’t using the option on his example page but Top Box from Stacks4Stacks has an option to make each image part of a gallery set which then displays the scroll forward and back. After checking the box just make sure each image in the gallery has the same Gallery id which the stack provides a default example of. Also Stacks4Stacks provides a demo version so you can try out the stack seeing if it suits your need.

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Hi Dan

Thanks. This almost does what I need, but not quite.
I neded each page (within the page) ie Light page. To be searchable and linkable.
In the case of Stephens example all slides have the same id # … so I don’t think it will work for me.
Close though!
I havn’t been able to find any examples of using Light Page other than those on the product page, but I’m getting the impression no one has managed to do what I need. So I’ll have to find something else.

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