Adding a /page that is hidden

(Joe Wasser) #1

I have a site,, that I want to add a hidden page to. Meaning I don’t want it to show up in the menus. I want the be able to type into my browser to get to it. I know there has to be a simple way to do this but I rather ask than to start trying things and messing my site up.


In the Page Inspector Panel, Uncheck Show in navigation to prevent it from showing in the menu.

(Joe Wasser) #3

I got that part but what do I put in the Folder and Filename boxes. I guessing that’s where I tweak but not sure what to do?

(William Davis) #4

Try this:

Browser Title: “Tech”
Folder: “/”
Filename: “tech.html”

(Joe Wasser) #5

That seems to be close but that shows up as . I would like to simplify it down to just because sometimes I need to tell other folks about it too.

(William Davis) #6

Revert back to “index.html” as the Filename for “Tech”, and make sure the “Tidy Website Links” is enabled:

This panel is located in Settings > Advanced.

(Joe Wasser) #7

That seemed to do it. Thanks! Really simplifies the functionality of the site.