Possibly A Silly Question?


Possibly a silly question, but here goes:

I’m using Foundation and have added a top bar, which all works fine (so far).
How do I go about adding a page to the site, but not having it “linked” to the top bar. For example, if I add a page called “stuff”, but just want it showing as a link on a page?

By the way I’m useless at HTML :smile:

Thanks in anticipation.

I am not familiar with Foundation but try under Page Inspector > General Headings where you should be able to uncheck ‘Show in Navigation’ so that the new page is not shown in the menu. If you want a link in a page to that page then highlight the word(s) you are going to use as the link and then right click > Add Link and select the page from the drop down menu.

No HTML required.

@mike_hamilton @jbyfield Is absolutely correct, just uncheck the Show in Navigation check box in the page inspector. Also the docs page on TopBar helps a lot with other things you may need to do with you links http://docs.joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/foundation/button-nav/flex-nav

The Foundation videos and the project file that ships with Foundation are also excellent sources of information.

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Thanks guys. That worked a treat :smile:

So much to learn - eek!!