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Hi guys,

I wanted to create an hidden page on my website and it must be accessible to those who have a link that I send them. I want the be able to type www.mywebsite.com/music into my browser to get to it.

I found the option that says “Show in navigation” and un-check it. This removes the page from the site navigation.

My understanding was that the link would become live when I hit Publish. But I have no idea, after I published, the link is to the page or how to find it.

What do I put in the Folder and Filename boxes?


Thanks in advance

The filename should be either index.php or index.html.

The folder name should be /music

I’m going to pass on some advice I got from someone else: all of your page names should have a php suffix, and if you just want to reference them by the name of the folder they’re in, they should be called index.php. The reason for the php suffix is that some stacks that use php force a php suffix, and (unless stacks has started working differently) you can end up with both index.php and index.html in a directory, which results in a conflict.

Please let us know how this works out for you

Thanks for your reply.

one thing is not clear: all the pages of the site must have the php suffix or the hidden pages only?

It’s probably good for all the pages of the site to have that suffix.

The suffix makes no difference to whether a page is hidden or not.

If you do change the suffix to php and you already have index.html files on your server, you’ll need to delete the index.html files. Otherwise your index.php files will not get seen – or at least that’s my understanding.

One other thing I thought of: if you have RapidWeaver set to generate a sitemap, you might want to check that your hidden page is not referenced in the sitemap. Otherwise search engines will eventually find it.

Thanks for the comments.

The reference to the sitemap is interesting, I will consider it.

I’ll let you know about it.


I’d also go to the " Meta tags" tab of the inspector and set the “Robots” check boxes as follows. This should prevent the page from ending up in search engine indexes.


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I would also put it behind a password lock like page safe
that way even if found it could not be viewed.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

Is another application required to enter a password or can it be entered directly with RW8?

I use @joeworkman’s stack

You mean the PageSafe stack?

Joe Martin


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