Adding link to site logo

I am trying to add a link to the site logo with Rapidweaver 5.0.

On the attached screenshot, I want to be able to click on the the Agent Log In bar and to to another site. Please advise.

Thank you!

need to tell us what theme you are using

Sorry. I am using the Prospect theme.


Might this help?

I dont have that theme, although many themes if you are using the RW drag a drop system for your logo in RW will link to your homepage through out the site. you may be able to change this if you need to by editing the pages by hand after publish.

I checked to see if there is anything out of the ordinary on weaver themes site there does not seem to be. you may wan to contact them if they have anything else in the theme that can handle this.

I have contacted the owners of the theme, but haven’t heard back from them. I thought there was code that could be added to make what I want happen.


I thought maybe there was code that could be added to make what I want to happen.


found the answer maybe for you with video

Hope this works for you

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I actually tried this link before I came on this forum. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Thank you for checking.

What is the link to the site your are building

What is the link you want to send the logo clicks to.

I think I have something figured out that will work using CSS. Thank you for your help.

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I have been having problems with adding a link to the site logo too. And reading

makes me think that this is no longer true. Sites I made with RW 5 (using Will W’s themes, Ocean and Flood) and have continuously updated to RW 6 and RW 7 have their site logos linked to the home page. But I’m working on a new site (Will W’s theme Stream) and when I click on the site logo I get a 502 Bad Gateway message.

I’ve read the solution proposed in this thread about adding java script but I know I never messed with any script before. Does anyone @willwood or @ben know why this is? If RW can again automatically link the site logo to the home page I request that they reintroduce this feature.


A 500 series error message is normally a server issue. Possibly incorrect permissions on the image or a problem with the hosting server(s) processing a request due to heavy traffic or some other anomaly. But that’s just a pure speculative idea in the absence of a test link.

Here are some more ideas about 502s I searched and found for you:

Nothing has changed in my themes relating to logo links and images in about 10 years. I still use the same markup to make logo images link back to a homepage:

<a href="%base_url%">%logo%</a>

Nobody else has reported any problems to me. So I suspect this might be an isolated case.

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Thanks for replying @willwood. You are right (of course), it did have to do with the server and Greg at Chillidog confirmed that.


Greg is the man! :sunglasses:

Agree wholeheartedly!

The 502 Bad Gateway Error is an indication that something has gone wrong within the server of your application, as opposed to the client side request.

How to Fix a 502 Error

Perform a hard-refresh in your browser. On Macs, this is done by pressing Cmd + Shift + R.

This problem is due to poor IP communication between back-end computers, possibly including the Web server at the site you are trying to visit. Before analysing this problem, you should clear your browser cache completely.

If you get this problem for only some of the Web sites you try to visit then it is likely to be a problem at those sites i.e. one of their pieces of equipment is failing/overloaded. Contact the people at those sites.

If you are surfing the Web and see this problem for all Web sites you try to visit, then either 1) your ISP has a major equipment failure/overload or 2) there is something wrong with your internal Internet connection e.g. your firewall is not functioning correctly. In the first case, only your ISP can help you. In the second case, you need to fix whatever it is that is preventing you reaching the Internet.