Site logo not linking to homepage

I updated to the Rapidweaver 6 and Stacks 3. Now my logo above the navigation bar (“Clement Price-Thomas • Production Design”) does not link back to the homepage when I click on it. It used to do this. Is this a bug or something I can enable? My theme is Manitoba.
My site is:


The code for that text image (‘Site logo’) does not have any link surrounding it:

<img src="rw_common/images/logo.png" width="361" height="18" alt="Site logo">

In RW select that image and use Set Link; it must have somehow lost that attribute.

Thanks Mark. But I can’t select the image because it was imported into the Settings > General > Site Logo. I dragged the image into that box. So how can I edit that code?

I see. Thanks.

Might one of these pages help:

Good luck!

Mark, the second link you sent did the trick! Thanks so much.

Welcome - and good luck!