Adding link to site image

Hullo, I am using the Caribou theme the site link of which does not present a link to the home page. So I wanted to add it with:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    $("#logo img").wrap('<a href="/" />');

but it does not work and I ignore why. For that matter if I insert the code in the javascript session, it does not even appear on the source. What might be wrong and hot to have it working?

When you say Site Link - I assume you mean the Logo?

Only way to do this is to try editing the theme - likely the index.html file. There’s an old thread: Website logo linked to home page URL. How? - #10 by andrea where the following from @bobafifi worked: Look for something like…

<!-- Site Logo -->
<div id="logo">%logo%</div>

and change it to

<!-- Site Logo -->
<div id="logo"><a href="%base_url%">%logo%</a></div>

However… I would strongly consider switching to a newer responsive theme - Caribou is NOT mobile friendly. Some newer themes will do what you want automatically. Other ‘blank’ theme / frameworks (using Stacks) enable you to add your own logo where you wish and link it as you would link anything else. Remember, if you do the above it is possible that an update to RW will overwrite your edits.

It might be so, but is the closer I found to the site I need to replicate at What other theme does allow for having the site icon in line with the menus and no big image under the menubar?

As a a matter of fact that was an apparent issue with the RW simulator. I tried uploading the page to a web site and the jquery script works seamlessly. I wish RW clarified the HTML features its simulator does not support, lest one bangs his head against the wall for nothing.

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