Adding video to website

I can’t get a video onto my website.

I have RW 8.6, Stacks 4, VideoEmbed 2.2. I have an mp4 file that I converted in vimeo, but on the stacks page at the section for Embed Video, it will not accept the vimeo file number for the video.

It’s going to be hard to help without a bit more info.

  • Might help if you included the Vimeo Video ID.

  • Might help if you gave us a screenshot of the settings.

  • I don’t know who makes VideoEmbed 2.2?

Video ID: Sat Chil Trailer copy on Vimeo

For 2 & 3: attachedVideoEmbed

Just use the ID, not the complete URL in the Vimeo ID field.


Excellent! Thanks!!!

remember its not all this just this part 336812686

I followed your advice successfully, and have the video up.

:sunglasses: cool

Alan Hendry


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