New Video Wall stack

Video Wall Demo:

Video Wall is the perfect way to dynamically add set of videos to your website. Video Wall can dynamically add videos from both YouTube and Vimeo onto your site. You can even intermix videos from both services into the same wall. There are many different ways to import videos onto your web page. You can import view playlist, channels, users, groups and many more (options vary by service using). Video Wall makes adding new videos to your site a breeze. Simply add new video to a playlist or group that Video Wall is configured to import. This video will magically appear onto your live website within minutes.


I should add a reminder to all Vimeo Wall users. Vimeo will be turning off the APIs that Vimeo Wall uses on September 1st. This new stack uses their newest APIs. You will want to update your video walls over the next week so that they continue to function without issue.

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Thanks Joe!, I purchased the Stack!

I have just shipped an update that adds the ability to close the floating player. It does a bit more than that actually. I have updated the preview site for you to play around with. I think that its pretty slick.


I have found a conflict with Foundry. I have started a conversation with Elixir and Isaiah because sadly, the conflict is out of my hands. Hopefully we can get an update released to fix this.

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Isaiah helped me find the glitches. I have released v1.0.3 that should work without any issues in Foundry.

If you have already downloaded the stack, you should have the following versions…

Video Wall - 1.0.3
Social Feed YouTube/Vimeo - 1.0.1

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Can confirm it works

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The macros doesn’t seem to work (in YT feed : %cmsTextFormat(myplaylist)%).
Is it normal ?

Total CMS macros will not work with the Video Wall stack

Unfortunately… Thank You, Master Yoda !
Happy XMass and Happy New Year.

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