Introducing VimeoWeaver 2 for Stacks 3

VimeoWeaver 2 is now available – we overhauled it from scratch to work with Stacks 3 (and older versions of Stacks as well). It’s faster, finally responsive and also has a retina icon now. You can easily upgrade from v1 to v2 at 50% off, new users can purchase the Stack for its usual price. If you have purchased the VimeoWeaver Stack v1 on or after the 11th September 2015 you’re eligible for a free upgrade, if this should be your case please contact our support with the Order Number or the PayPal transaction ID of your purchase to get your free copy of VimeoWeaver 2.

The VimeoWeaver Stack allows you to embed Vimeo videos on your webpage with ease. The Stack works responsive so there’s no need to adjust width and height seizes of the player manually. All videos are being embedded using HTML5 technology which makes this widget incredible fast and running even on mobile devices.

When dragging the Stack from your library to a free place on your Stacks site you’ll get a blank field in the content area. All you need to focus on is the Settings HUD on the right hand side of Stacks 3 - simply enter your video ID and you’re all set!

Check it out today:

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