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I updated rapid maps 3 to the new 4 and I found a surprise, while before I could load the maps for free now you have to go from google platform and provide credit card to use it.
This is a rip off and I’m sorry to have updated this addons automatically if I knew I did not throw € 19.00.
This program is out for me and I will load a static map.

The openstreet maps stack from InStacks is good and the Limelight stack from BigWhiteDuck (free but donations appreciated) can display a google map without the API key needed.


As has been discussed on these forums many times before, Google have made it a requirement that you provide credit card and address details to use their mapping services. The same applies to certain other Google services.

However you are provided a free $200 ‘credit’ each month. In other words, you do not pay for the first $200 worth of mapping usage.

To date, I am not aware of any RapidWeaver users being charged to use Google Maps. You would have to deploy maps that are receiving many thousands of views, before you come anywhere near to the billable threshold. And your quota resets at the end of each month.

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It always starts so before you give free $ 200 then become 100 then without noticing having forgotten the registration you find yourself with an invoice or more paid is a trick already seen I do not have silver hair for nothing.

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