Responsive Google Map without API key

(LJ) #1

As many are aware, using stacks like Map 2 from Doobox now requires an API key. I have been busy setting these up for clients as some maps had started disappearing.

However, I’m no longer allowed to create any more projects - to do so I guess Ihave to set up a billing account with Google - which should be unnecessary as they are all local business sites with simple, low usage.

Using the embed code from Google maps does NOT require an API key but result is not responsive. Anyone know how to make it responsive? I have tried some CSS but it’s making the map full page!

(Tomas Jakobs) #2

… switched to MapSnap and OpenStreetview Stack…

(LJ) #3

why are these different? Do they have less functionality and therefore not require a google API? Is it all down to Javascript? I’m a bit ignorant on this and haven’t really got the time to look into it. Thanks

(LJ) #4

OK - got it with openstreetview - just mapstack I’m not sure about.

(Roberto Tremonti) #5

RapidMaps 3 is responsive and doesn’t require a Google API key, or rather, it already includes its own key.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

OpenStreetMap Stack is fully independent of any API key.

(LJ) #8

Agree it looks very good. Only reason I didn’t buy it was that I already had Mapsnap which I now realise has API keys baked in.

(LJ) #10

Rude not to :sunglasses: