Google Maps and RapidWeaver

Looks like free maps are done…in RapidWeaver and apps!!
Most if not all require an API key…that you have to pay for!
Are the rest of you having the same issues?

It was pointed out to me recently by @jenkman that Apple has its own API for Apple Maps. Perhaps that would be an alternative.

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You can use OpenStreetMaps:


Thanks…is there an Apple Maps stack yet?

I don’t think so, yet, but maybe a developer like @instacks will bring us one! :smiley:

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I’m working on an Apple Maps stack, as a follow-on to the Locator stack. A couple of people are Beta testing it already.

By the way, Locator still works perfectly for most people and I don’t know of anyone needing to pay for API access to use it. Try the free demo version for yourself.

The way it works now, Google give you a $200 USD credit per-month for use of their API. You only get charged if you use-up that $200 credit:

I think a lot of RW users will be well-within that usage limit. Limits have actually been relaxed for more simple map types in recent months. For non-profits, crisis management and education, there are no charges at all.

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My Google Maps stack generates non-interactive static maps and does not require an API key.

As everyone would have to generate his own keys and developer certificates therefore, I doubt I would create one.

To communicate with Maps services, you’ll need to set up your Maps identifiers, keys, and tokens by signing in to your developer account and visiting Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

It’s only going to cost you if you use the map somewhere with high (very high) traffic.
We only use the map in our demo page, which has quite high traffic, and we’ve been no where near to breaking the point of being charged.

In fact we haven’t even entered any billing info as yet, which gives you a further $200 credit per month recurring before any charge is made.

There aren’t many that would find themselves being charged anything.

Google API Keys are free, unless you do a key service based on the map API and create lots of traffic.

Damn. Missed your reply already. (I agree with you)

RapidMaps 4 uses Google Maps.

Due to mid-2018 changes in Google Maps license terms, you need to get a Google Maps API key in order to run a Google Maps map in your website.
You can get a free Google Maps API key at the following link:
The free tier is large enough to let you load your map 28,000 times per month without paying. So don’t worry!

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Thanks @rob I realize it’s free, but by the looks of it, we still need to have an active credit card on file with Google. I’ve long used a Google Map API without a credit card on file, but when my MapSnaps quit working, I upgraded to the latest version, input my KEY and voila…still, the maps are not working. According to the Google pricing guide, embedded maps (Im assuming like MapSnap) are free for unlimited views. On the other hand, I believe Mike said somewhere that Google was now charging him - so maybe they aren’t free (I have one client who approaches 100k views per month).

I looked around the Yabdab site, but found nothing of assistance.

@dave He linked to this via Twitter:

Thanks @habitualshaker. Unfortunately, I missed that Tweet. I must have said something he disagreed with a long time ago, and he blocked me. Amazing that a company would block customers instead of muting…but, whatever.


I also find problems with Google Maps stack of Joe Workman

You can always use open street map with stacks from @instacks :

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+1 for Openstreetmap from Instacks. I’ve switched all new sites to this while the Google Maps thing settles down.


Have you entered your Google Maps Key? Everyone who wants to use Google Maps on a website now needs a key. And if the map/page gets a LOT of views, Google Maps now charges for it.