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Hi fellow RapidWeavers,

Someone told me yesterday, that a stack exists, that allows visitors to move ‘sliders’ and have a dynamic result shown based on the position of the sliders.
Can anyone point me in the correct direction and help me find that stack for me.

Here’s an example from a website I recently visited that uses the same idea, but with some programming underneath (that’s why we’ve stacks, ehh?)

Rather optimistic figures I just realize now…!!! :joy:

Joe Workman has a stack called pi that can do that

Yes. Pi will allow you to do the calculations. However, Pi only does the calculations, not the form fields. However it works great with all of the popular form stacks out there including Foundation Forms, FormsPlus and FormSnap.

Great, exactly what I asked for. Demo 6 looks like my example …

Thanks SWILLIAM and Joe Workman too. I’m going to look into that.

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Ilanguak Olsen

Pi looks exactly what your after, here’s a couple of tools I’ve built for myself using Pi

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This also seems promising - going to check it out too. Thanks.

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