🤓 Pi is here - Powerful form calculations & formula builder

Pi works with your existing favorite form stacks to bring you powerful calculations. You can use these calculations to update page content, augment form data that gets submitted or even use it to apply CSS styles to the page. Pi is the easiest and most powerful formula stack out there.

FYI. I recorded 8 tutorial videos for Pi. I ran out of time before to get them all edited. I did make sure that have the basics video done so that you can get a jump start on using Pi. I am really excited to see the amazing things that you are going to be able to do with Pi.


Thanks a lot Joe! This stack is simply amazing! Looks complex at first sight, but is sooo easy to use… and I didn’t even read the manual for it yet. Oh boy, this will be fun to play with it. Worth every penny. This will remove a few database connections from some of my projects. Makes it more secure and stable. And this was about to fly under my radar. Thanks, really nice work!


New Pi Tutorials

I uploaded 3 new Pi tutorials last night. You can check them out on the product page now. I should have the last 3 uploaded by tonight.

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