Advice running RW on a Second Computer

I’m tethered to my home office with all the design software I use, but I would like to be able to use RW and all my stacks, plugins, themes and snippets on my wife’s laptop for access while traveling. Any advice on a smart way to set this up? I’m the only user and I would only need laptop use when we go out of town. Will it be a challenge updating software on a second computer? Are there any other considerations I need to be thinking about?


I’m just taking on this challenge today, actually. Quite a few people have been able to store their add-ons in Dropbox successfully, so long as you make sure to let Dropbox finish syncing after you use it and don’t have projects open on both computers.

@zeebe and @PaulRussam are the two users in particular that have used Dropbox quite a bit.

RW 8 makes it pretty easy to select a custom add-on folder destination

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Dropbox works brilliantly

Read my response here, it will help a lot


I’ve been using 2 computers and Rapidweaver for years with Dropbox - other than what has already been mentioned, make sure you make all Rapidweaver projects “portable” in the Advanced settings, so that all assets are stored right inside your Rapidweaver project file

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Since I’ll be using my wife’s laptop, will it pose a problem if she has her own Dropbox account already setup? I could move all her stuff to Google Drive and teach her to use that instead of Dropbox and turn on my Dropbox account on her laptop. Thoughts?

@Chris123 My question to you: How do you feel about a divorce? :slight_smile:

It might work: see if she is open to it. I don’t know if you can “switch” Dropbox accounts (like with Google Drive).

There didn’t seem to be an easy way to do this when I was briefly looking into it the other night. My wife had her dropbox on my iMac (which she only occasionally used). So I logged her out from the dropbox app and she’ll just access her stuff via the browser when she needs it.

I suppose you could get a folder on her dropbox and use that?

I do this without Dropbox. I simply copy the RW files back and forth and have my add-ons folder on each computer. RW will update all stacks/add-ons on each computer, so I don’t have any issues.


Did you have to purchase any duplicate software? I like this idea for all the software. I would imagine to copy RW project files back and forth could be a little challenging at times. Thanks for your feedback.

No duplicate software. Same license for both computers. I work on my desktop at home and my laptop at work.

So Scott, do you copy RW project files back and forth between computers? Is that a challenge if working on several projects?

Why not just create a user account for you on your wife’s laptop? Then you can have your own Dropbox setup and syncing (when you are logged in).

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I hold my projects either in Dropbox folder or in iCloud folder like pages etc
Just need to make sure that if you’r working on projects that you make sure you make sure you save your work before changing to the other computer. Normally if I am working on RW I quit it before changing to the other system as I may have several projects open at a time

Why not just add the Addons folder to iCloud/Documents and direct both RW Programs to that? No copying or back and forth stuff. Since it’s only one folder the updates will be in there.
Obviously requires you to have the Documents folder activated in iCloud on both computers with the same Apple ID…

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