Rapidweaver on Two Computers

This has probably been discussed before and I missed it.

I use RapidWeaver 7.x.x on an iMac and a MacBook Pro for editing my website. I have seen that I can install all of my add-ons into one location (i.e., DropBox) and somehow point both computers to it so when I update a stack or a theme I can be assure that both computers are updated.

What I cannot figure out are the following questions:

  1. Do I simply drag and drop what I have over to DropBox or do I need to reinstall everything into DropBox?
  2. How do I assure that RapidWeaver 7 (on both machines) is pointing to that one location for everything?

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

From what I understand, you can’t use Dropbox anymore because they’ve made the public folder private. What you can do is set the folder in RW on both computers where you want the Addons to live. Or, you can use an external drive maybe? I’ve not tried this option.

Yes, you can do this, I have 4 computers here that all use the same folder in Dropbox.

If I remember right, RW does this for you.

You get to choose the folder you want them on, so once one computer is done, select that same folder on the second computer. Be sure everything is copied over to Dropbox and SYNCED to dropbox before you choose the folder with the second computer.

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Maybe not after tomorrow?

My RW files are NOT in my public folder, so I am not worried.

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Thanks, everyone! I have this thing working like I needed. All of your help as been GREAT!

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