Working on multiple machines?

Hi, apologies… a very basic question. I have built a website on my iMac. I wish to be able to edit it from both this iMac and also and a macbook. Is this possible?

You should take a look at this video:

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@zeebe has a post on how to do everything from Dropbox but I can’t find it.

Hey @teefers and @PaulineG
Here is that post

This is more of saving the project file on Dropbox, not addons. You should not have to worry about the addons part.


Thank you very much.

So in theory, if I ensure to have a back up file at all time then I could take the chance with corruption? It would only be me working on the file. I would have to ensure to also install the add ons on the 2nd location for it to work?

How do I save the file to dropbox, I don’t see an option to save it anywhere apart from the default location.

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Save it to the desktop. Then watch the menu bar icon for dropbox, when the syncing is done, then you can open it on the other computer. About your addons, you can keep them on Dropbox as well, then they will be available for both computers and you won’t have to always update one computer or the other with new stacks or updated stacks (or themes or plugins).

Watch the video @teefers mentions in his first post.


Hi folks. I’ve got both my project into drop box and also the add ons from my ‘imac’ (thanks for the video link!). Following the advice provided, I’m now on my laptop and opening the project stored in dropbox. Whilst I can see all the adds on/themes in drop box, I still get told the theme is missing and also some add in the drop box folder, aren’t showing. When I go to drop box to try and install them manuals it says they are already installed… any ideas? Thanks in advance for advice for a beginner! :slight_smile: