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Hi guys, my site: has been live for a month or so now. I recently went back into Rapidweaver and made one very minor text change on a single page and then republished. Now when I view the site on a mobile phone there are text alignment issues on several pages. Instead of the H1s and H2s aligning center, there are numerous instances where they’re left aligned. I haven’t even made any amendments to the pages where this is occurring. The headings are made using Header Pro and alignment is definitely set to center for each one.
I’ve tried recreating the affected pages from scratch but the headings still refuse to center align.

Additionally, on the page entitled “dog walking”, I’ve got headings set to show in desktop and tablet only and others set to show in mobile only, however, on a phone screen the stack set to hide for mobile clearly isn’t working.

I can only assume that a stack or application update installed since I first published the site has cause some kind of glitch or incompatibility and that’s why I’m getting these issues. I’d love to know a way to fix it.

Any thoughts?


(Lisa Sandler) #2

Screenshots of your settings vs what you’re seeing would help :slight_smile:

(Andrew Tavernor) #3

The code on your page indicates that the Response Align settings in HeaderPro are set to align left on smaller screens.


If you definitely have the When setting set to Never then there is a chance that this setting needs to be cycled - i.e. change it to something else and then change it back to Never again.

The only reason that this could possibly be necessary is that the page was originally made before this setting existed and that somehow the settings have got out of sync. Changing the setting and changing it back will resolve things if this is indeed the case.

(John Doe) #4

That was it. Fixed now. Cheers.

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