Left aligning my text

I am new to all of this. I am using Rapidweaver version 5.3.2 I made a page using Stacks and put a text
box in the stack page . The text only goes centered when I look at the preview. I cant get it to left align…I tried to click the boxes for left alignment but the text stays centered. I really dont know much about code and am just learning all of this.
Can anyone help me left align my text?
Any help would be appreciated.

Anything happen when you highlight the text and then open the Format menu and select Align Left?


Nothing happens when I click there. It seems to only center align ;(


Is the container that is holding the Text Box aligned centre by chance?

A screenshot of the page from within RapidWeaver Edit mode would be useful.


Assuming this is a stacks text stack or another paragraph stack…Did you paste the text in? If so you need to highlight the text and clear formatting from the format menu, also set htm to none from the Format/htm menu

We really need a link to your published page so we can see if something is overriding the text alignment styling options. A screen shot of the page is not likely to be any help.

A link to the page is almost always best.

It has not been published yet. I am still working on it.
I have tried it both ways. I have tried to copy and paste and I have tried to write in it too.
No way seems to work. This is a text box from stacks.

It looks like this in publish mode . Not sure why it wont align left

If you can publish (even to a temp area) and give a link I’m sure you can get some help. Probably something very simple

I will have to wait until I finish as I can put it up unfinished since its already established . I am using Michael david design for this as well though …any suggestions would be helpful.

not sure how to publish to a temp area… or wait maybe I can hmm


Looks to me like you copied down the previous 3 column container and retained the settings for it, select the 3 column container and check the alignment of that (only for the affected content though, the remainder I imagine you wish centred).

Am I close?


Here is the link to the site http://chicagobodytherapy.com

I drag and dropped the 3 box choice from stacks for the last row I put 3 texts in the boxes

You are on to something. In the toggle I clicked on " center main content" because my words at the top Left aligned.
Now I clicked it off and it displays right. But How do I center the words at the top then? The title that says Natural Hypnosis Remedies …

So now the problem is centering the title

@VenusRising, the problem is that everything under the initial image is aligned centre or inherited from that.

Try changing your selection to None (if possible, I don’t use RW5.x) and manually select alignment for each block as desired.

There may be a css way of doing it, but to me, the text is copied from the web or a word document or something because the text is using weird fonts, multiple span tags, multiple HR tags, so the very first thing I would do is cut the text out (1 area at a time), paste it back in but using Paste without formatting or paste ignore formatting. Repeat for each text block. save page, preview and adjust from there by parent container or text box. Alignment shouldn’t be this difficult :persevere:

Check from there, try alignment from these per block or per block parent container.

Does that help?


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I just fixed it :slight_smile: Thank you very much
I’m getting the hang of this I simply used a header box and the top aligning boxes work YAY!!!

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Way to go, I’m proud of you!