All new Points 2.0 Stack

(Joe Workman) #1

Points allows you to overlay points on top of an image. And with this update, its gotten a lot better. Its been completely revamped using the latest technologies to bring all of the features that users have been clamoring for.

What’s New?

  • Completely revamped interface which is more powerful and easier to use.
  • You can add as many points as you want to your image maps now.
  • You can add points to any stack. However, its recommended that the contained stacks be images. My Google Maps stack works great!
  • You can now have Font Awesome and Text labels.
  • Default point settings can be defined, however, each point can override those settings with its own custom styles and labels.
  • Add links to each point. This is great for transforming Points into an interactive menu for you site.
  • Built in integration with a bunch of different 3rd party modal stacks.

Upgrade Pricing

If you already own Points v1, you can upgrade to v2 for only $10. You can upgrade on the product page. You just need to purchase the new version with the same email that you purchased the original version with.

(Mark Medford) #2

Hi Joe - How many points can I place? Thanks

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #3

Hi Joe, would Points2 work with Foundry from Adam?

(Joe Workman) #4

As many as you want!

(Joe Workman) #5

No reason it wouldn’t.

(Jamie) #6

Hi Joe, this looks like a nice stack that would be great for one of my sites.

Just a quick question, I would be using it to mark geographical locations on a map. Do I have to purchase your Google Maps stack or can I use a stack I’ve already purchased like Map 2 by Doobox with it?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

Ignore my ramblings…

(Joe Workman) #8

It will definitely work with my Google Maps stack. In theory you can use Points to overlay pins on top of any stack. I have not tested it with DooBox’s stack. However, you need to be careful because the pins will be in static locations, if you use a map stack that in interactive, the pins will not be in the proper location if the user adjust the map’s zoom/pan.

(Jamie) #9

thanks Joe will be buying it later this week

(Jan Fuellemann) #10

All right, all right. The Focus stack integration convinced me. I bought it!