Allowing Staff to add Custom Messages

Greetings all. I am setting up a site for a Child Care Center/School. I want to be able to allow staff people to log into a private web page and update a message to be displayed on the home page. Specifically, on Snow Days, I want to be able to have staff put emergency messages onto a page so that families can see online if they are going to open on an inclement weather day. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Site in Progress:


This link
is managed by the client via a google account with the use of calendars a google Document and Google Sheet.

I used Dateloom for the calendar and pluskit to bring in the sheet and doc information.

Thanks for the tip! I ended up using an iframe and embedded a shared document from Google Docs, and the Staff can update the google doc and the page will update. I even found a script that refreshes just the iframe every 30 seconds as Google Docs Web publishing doesn’t seem to be immediate.

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