Stack for showing Google Docs Pluskit or other?

I am making a spread sheet and was wanting to put it in Google doc’s. I then wanted to put that on my web site.

My question is; is there a stack for this. I was wondering if pluskit by Yourhead is the best option for this?

I am not familiar with plus kit, does any one have a site where they use it that they can show me? I have the Powergrid by Joe Workman but I don’t think that will work for what I am trying to do.

GridIron from chillidog software works beautifully for Google sheets, lots of options and easy. check it out.

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Thumbs-up for GridIron from Chilling Software. An amazing stack, worth every cent. So you don’t need Pluskit but a simple Stacks 3 page to beautifully integrate a Google Docs Spreadsheet into your site.

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@RapidBase so I don’t need plus kit or anything else. I can just use my stacks 3?

A loud and clear YES! :slight_smile: GridIron is a stack and doesn’t need anything else to display your Google Spreadsheet inside your website.

First off, wow. You guys rock. I’m glad you’re enjoying GridIron @RapidBase @swilliam :slight_smile:

Yes @garyp GridIron is a Stack. It can fetch data from Google Spreadsheets or read a CSV or Excel file directly. I’m pretty proud of it myself but mainly for the geeky backend efficiencies I added :stuck_out_tongue: For users, it has some great styling options and generates a responsive table that’s searchable, sortable and downloadable.


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I am currently using the @willwood themes and the infinity-R from @henkvrieselaar Is there any compatibility issues with these themes and your stack? The reason I am asking is because the Infinity has issues with the impact stack from @joeworkman.

None that I know of. @willwood and I work closely together and you can just let us know and we can help. If you have a specific theme in mind, Will might be able to advise you if he has tested it specifically.