Anyone using the booking stack by Yuzool?

Hi, I want to use the stack but the manuals and videos are not answering a specific question:

How can I tell the calendar that my time slots are only available on Tuesdays? I want to prevent them to book at any other date.


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Thanks @Fuellemann - you can see a thread on the Stack’s progress here:

It’s not currently possible to add “holiday time” / so to say “I’m only available Tuesdays” - but that has been requested as you can see in there

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Michael, wondering if there’s a way @yuzool Booking stack entries by site visitors can be used to also create/generate data/content that can also be ported into a Google Sheet, which can then be sent to the @weavium’s new Gsheet Stack.

I’m just wondering if this capability exists for adding greater utility between stacks, obviously for Booking stack and Gsheet stack, but possibly between multiple other stacks as well, so that stacks can “talk” to each other per se.

I’m not a coding guy–which is why I use RapidWeaver–but this kind of capability does exist within iOS by utilizing x-callback urls. One of the pioneers of this capability is the iOS app Drafts by AgileTortoise, where text/content generated in Drafts can then be placed/sent to other iOS apps such as an email or a Text message or to a Facebook post–or whatever.

These text placements in Drafts are called Actions, and there are literally hundreds of Actions. Here are a dozen that can be used with various Google deployments.

Here’s one Drafts Action called “Save Link to Sheets via Workflow”. The Action’s description: “Save the body of your Draft as a cell in Google Sheets, by way of Workflow and IFTTT.”

Workflow was another iOS app that uses x-callback urls extensively to facilitate this type of iOS automation and was developed by three guys, kids under the age of 20 or so, and Apple bought Workflow and turned it into Shortcuts.

Shortcuts is a free app as part of iOS12. Here’s the icon for Shortcuts. 2018-10-15-00-44-52

Federico Viticci has written extensively on iOS Automation at

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to utilize x-callback urls within Stacks and maybe other RapidWeaver Plugins/Add-ons since obviously the end product of RW is placed on URLs and each element of RapidWeaver generates it’s own URL.

Here is further RW Forum discussion on Gsheet stack.


It’s not possible to use x-callback URLs, as these are based on applications running on a device. Each application is able to register its callbacks. This is not possible within the browser.

Nevertheless it is a great idea to have a deeper integration between different developers and Stacks.

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