ALT TAG. (what is this?)

I am loading images into a CARD stack inside a Foundry Grid.

Under advanced options I am presented the opportunity to create an “Alt Tag”.
What does this accomplish for me? What is the goal behind this?

That is actually a required HTML attribute. This is used for both screen readers for accessibility (visually impaired) as well as what will display if for some reason the image can’t display (network problem, image not found, etc).

It should be a description of what the image is.

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So if this is a White Painted kitchen that my cabinet shop produces should this say “White Painted Kitchen”?

Assume I have 12 white painted kitchens. Would they all want to be described as “White Painted Kitchen” or would they want to be “White Painted Kitchen 1”; “White Painted Kitchen 2” etc.?

Or would they want more descriptive words like “Historical White Painted Kitchen”. or “White Painted Bungalow Style Kitchen”?

What exactly is a “screen reader”?

A screen reader reads whats on the screen for the blind.

Alternative text in case an image can’t be displayed.

What you put into the tag is up to you. Also, keep in mind that Search Engine Bots don’t look at the images. They will read the alt tag.

I would be more descriptive than “White Painted Kitchen” or “White Painted Kitchen 1”. What’s different about the pictures? “white Painted Kitchen featuring Acme Cabinets”.


Thanks Doug, I have never added any Alt Text to my images.

Would lots of adjectives help with SEO bots?

“White Painted Vintage Kitchen with marble countertops, circa 1920”

“White painted traditional kitchen with copper farmhouse sink”

The Bots will read the text, and associate that you have an image and that’s what the image is of.

Most bots don’t have the ability to due image recognition, so they rely on the alt tag to determine what the image is.

I wouldn’t try to “stuff” the alt tag with a bunch of keywords or phrases. Just be descriptive. If you are on the phone and were asked to describe the image.

The examples you gave would be good.

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Thanks Doug. This is helpful.

(and tedious)

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