Image title and Alt tags

Help with making sure I’m doing the right thing when it comes to labelling and tagging my images properly within RW for optimum SEO and search ability

Image file title. If I have an image say of a cat I would label the file name…This is an image of a cat.jpeg - is that right?

What would be the ALT tag with RW though?

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ALT tag would be used for the image description.

File names you might want/need to keep short without spaces, but up to you. For example you might have 3 cat photos: cat1.jpg, cat2.jpg, and cat3.jpg. But each could have individual descriptions.

e.g. see:

The Alt tag for a photo is the same thing as “title” for text… in other words… it describes what the photo is. Alt tag is very important. For example, for any case where the image is not shown (user has images turned off… default condition on some phones, etc) the Alt tag is displayed. It is also what will be “read” when visually impaired devices are used by the blind, etc. It’s very important.

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The HTML title attribute is not necessary for images. On some desktop browsers it will give you a mouse over tooltip effect. Most of the reputable SEO folks agree that title would be ignored be search engines.
The physical file name, and the alt tag are used and impact your page rankings.
The alt Tag is required, and should describe the image well enough, that if the image failed to load, the user would understand what was going to have been there.
In the early days of the Internet most people used slow dialup connections and often had their browsers configured not to load images. Today screen readers will read the alternative description out loud.

So you example of

Would be better if more descriptive

A black cat jumps over the moon

You don’t need to say image or give the file name in the alt Area.