Alternative to an e-commerce solution from Ecwid?

I received an email today about a price change (will increase from your current price of $169.00 / $14.08 to $252.00 / $21.00 per year/month). This was a drastic increase, and now I am looking for a new provider.

Any suggestions for a similar solution are gratefully received.

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I would go with Reflow.

Thanks. Will take a closer look at Reflow.

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Hi @mrTablet,

I will be releasing the Reflow Stacks before the end of March. They are completed. Working on samples. UIKIT3 and Foundation6 are done, finishing Foundry3 sample file.




Hi @mrTablet,

Yup - that price hike sure is steep. I suspect quite few customers will abandon Ecwid.

If you’re looking to completely step away from a third party service, you could look at integrating a cart directly into RapidWeaver. There’s a few pros and cons when you compare that option to something like Ecwid.


  • no more monthly fees
  • no reliance on third party servers
  • easier to integrate
  • complete control over the look and feel of the eCommerce part of your website


  • you’ll have to maintain the solution yourself, so updates and upgrades are now up to you to implement
  • the full load of the eCommerce solution will be on your server, which can be problematic if you run a large and popular web shop
  • depending on the solution that you pick, you might have to build your own storefront from zero

VibraCart Pro ($60 one off payment, Vibralogix) is a popular option among RapidWeaver users. It allows you to choose from the basic storefront included with the app or build your own. If you don’t need a storefront, you can put just the ‘Buy’ button on regular RapidWeaver pages and have the cart reside in your navigation or footer (or both).

It comes with a backend that’s approachable from any device with a modern browser in the world, so you can manage your stock and orders while being away from home if needed.

Webshop.stack ($60, one off payment, SDS82 software) is a stack very similar to VibraCart Pro.



Hey @RicardoR , just want to create a shop with Reflow. Any chance to get early access to your stacks

Is there a website that uses this solution so I can see an example?

The pre-release will be available sometime next week, I will post it here.


@RicardoR Is it possible to have more VAT settings than just one, and use invoice?

Here is some documentation that might help answer your question:

I look forward to seeing this as I’m also looking for an alternative to Ecwid, as they are pricing me out of business.

Reflow Stacks v1.0 are now available as pre-release. There’s no documentation yet, but I have included 3 demo projects.

You can purchase the Reflow Stacks here

As an early release launch promo the first fifty purchases will get $10 off the price of the stacks with this special discount code: REFLOW-LAUNCH



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Hi Ricardo. Would like to use the pre-release discount. But clicking on the Buy now-Button doesn’t do anything for me (tried it in Safari and Firefox)… :-/
Having to go to bed now, hoping that I can still use this offer in about 10 hours from now. It’s my 61st birthday tomorrow and it would be a nice present to still get the discount… :wink:
Best, Matthias

Hi Matthias,

It’s all fixed now! Happy 61st. Birthday.


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Thanks Ricardo! :+1: :partying_face:

I quit ECWID for the same reason earlier and built my own cart with Stacks. Check it out at
maybe it works for you, too…?

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Aloha Ricardo,

I got your Reflow stacks, but there seem to be some problems. What is the schedule for updating and finalizing the stacks? Is there any chance of a demo that really shows how to leverage the stacks?

The current demos are a little thin.

I have found many inconsistencies and features that don’t work, but I’m unsure if some of this is due to my lack of knowledge about Reflow itself.

It is beginning to look like I should have bought the VibraCart option instead as it seems to have more potential.

hi @handshaper,

Could you clarify with some examples the inconsistencies and of the features that are not working for you?

The demo projects included show how to implement the stacks, how to connect the different Reflow elements, etc.

Once I know what issues you are running against, I can help you.



The most glaring problem I encountered was when trying to use the shopping cart stack. When I selected that I wanted the cart to be displayed to the right, it rendered the cart icon on the left, but the badge was on the right.

I could get the cart to work if I embedded it on the page, but I could not figure out how it worked if it was set up to be triggered by the shopping cart icon.

The other thing I did not understand is why, when the user clicked on a BUY NOW button, a screen slid out from the right allowing them to make the purchase. My guess was that there were options. Is there no way to handle this all in the product list?

I’ll try to look at the samples again to see if I can figure out how to use Reflow. Part of the problem is probably due to the fact that I’m so used to using your Ecwid stacks, which are very different.

Hi @handshaper,

Can you DM me a copy of your project so that I can look at it and see exactly what’s going on?