E Commerce Solution Confusion

Ecommerce Solution -

Built my website with Foundation and RW and currently use RapidCartPro as the e commerce shopping cart. Looking to maybe move to another provider and looking for recommendations - Cartloom and Ecwid are the ones that seem to be recommended most with RW - so any thoughts on either of these?

I don’t need the e-commerce solution to create a whole new storefront catalogue - I want to keep the design of my website which has pages for products with cart stacks added (You can add the RCPro stacks to product pages and I like this set up)… looking into Ecwid it seems like you create a whole new storefront with Ecwid stacks rather than keeping my F6 product pages? Is this right? Also seen people mentioning AXYN stacks for Ecwid and wonder why you might use these??

Or maybe just something like PAYSNAP3 from yabdab is all I need? I would rather not pay a subscription for an e-commerce cart if i dont have to!

I cant get my head round all the options and the pro/cons for my particular website

My website is https://www.theenlightenedhound.com

Thanks so much


Personally I am a big fan of Vibracart Pro. This allows you to design your products and products pages individually, but Vibracart handles the whole buying process which makes everything easy. There is a bit of a learning curve but Adrian who sells Vibracart Pro has the incredible support and will solve any problem you face.

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Why change at all? What is you need the new e-commerce solution to do that RCPro can’t? Understanding that might help people recommend a more suitable alternative.


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Thank you - I’ll have a look at that

I have used RCPro for years and it has served me well but I am concerned about a couple of issues recently that caused problems for my website and I am concerned that I will not receive the support I need to find out what went wrong (based on past experience it was hard to get answers on PCRro on the forums or by directly contacting them) - specifically the issues are:

  1. product options stopped working and stopped customers from adding the items with product options to the cart- I only found this out when someone contacted me to say they couldn’t add the item to the cart… all my other products without options were working ok so I had to remove the options to solve the issue and have customers add their options in a box in the checkout process…

  2. I get emails every so often from people who cant add products to the cart… I try to find out what browser and device they are using but cant find any common issue to help sort this out. Of course most people dont bother to contact me so I’m not sure how widespread this is but there is obviously an issue in some circumstances.

So I just feel that I need a more reliable and frequently updated RCPro equivalent where I know I can get help from the developers if needed.

Based on how it appears you are using RCP, I’d suggest Paysnap by @yabdab if you are happy to have your payment processor deal with sending confirmation emails and recording customer data (Paysnap doesn’t do either of those). Or, if you want to retain customer details in your own database and send confirmation emails yourself I’d suggest Vibracart by @vibralogix

Both Paysnap and Vibracart are I’d say about the best at what they do in the confines of RW. if you just want something super simple with order minimum management features Paysnap is better. If you want more control over the ordering system and to retain data yourself, Vibracart.


@TemplateRepo Thank you - super helpful - just to make sure I understand correctly … with RCPro you could opt to send automated order confirmation email to the customer after ordering with my logo etc… so do you mean there is no facility with Paysnap to do this (and I would have to manually do this) and the only confirmation the customer would get would be from Paypal (in my case) - whereas with Vibracart there is an option for an automatic order confirmation email??
Thank you

Yep. Got it in one.

Paysnap doesn’t store any customer or transaction data, nor will it send any emails etc. Vibracart does.

The flip side of that is the learning curve. Paysnap is a doddle to setup. So so easy. Vibrecart requires a database and installation of the script to your server. Once setup you log into Vibracart, add your products, add your auto emails and create the “pay now” button snippets. Then in your RW project you create the listing and drop in the snippet.

With Paysnap you do everything inside RW using simple drag and drop, a la the RW/Stacks way.


Hi Debbie, since you are interested in Ecwid and you are already using Foundation, why don’t you take a look at the newest project file we released?

GoEcwid project file - %blogTitle()% | %blogCategories()% for Rapidweaver

GoEcwid integrated directly with Ecwid without the need of the Ecwid stacks. It’s a fantastic project. Here a general overview in a live stream with Joe. Preview https://youtu.be/uNav9awHrJU

The cool thing about this project is that everything is done for you. You only need to enter your Ecwid store ID into the admin area and you are ready to sell! Check it out.

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@davidefan Thanks I will take a look - though presumably you still have to pay the Ecwid subscription ?
I haven’t seen your stacks but have seen Axyn’s Ecwid stacks but I dont really understand why, if you are going to pay for Ecwid, you would want to use someone else’s stacks? What do your stacks do that Ecwid stacks dont?
Thanks in advance for enlightening me!

@TemplateRepo thanks again for your help… I think I probably want the functionality of Vibracart but am a little daunted by the database and script to server part… but I see that it is made by an English developer who I am told is very helpful… and I am in England so hopefully he will be able to help me if required!!!

Adrian, who is @vibralogix is unbelievably helpful. The whole php-script and database thing can be a bit daunting, but once you get your head around it, it will open up a whole new world of potential for your website, taking it way beyond what RW on it’s own is capable of.

Yes, it’s a learning curve, but it’s one that pays dividends if you put the effort in.


Hy Debbie,

I’ve had some problems with customers using the MS Edge browser. Seems I’m not the only one.
The webshops I set up are using Cart3 or Paysnap, not RapidCart. But it’s known that MS Edge can cause problems with payments.


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@TemplateRepo thanks so much for your input - much appreciated

Thats interesting — perhaps I’m blaming RCPro unfairly for that one! One customer tried using both MS Edge and Chrome… when I added products to my cart on Google Chrome it worked fine - so no clue about that one - but MS Edge might have been an issue… good to know

I didn’t find a solution, searched the internet to find out why… I even found an article where Amazon had issues with MS Edge. Seems MS Edge is a very secured and safe browser but has a downside when it comes to online shopping and/or payments. I recommend on my webshops to try with another browser if Edge doesn’t work. There’s nothing more I can do from my side.

If you find out more, I’m interested


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Thank you … I’ll post if I find out anything more

Hi Debbie. Don’t be daunted by the database setup for our products. I can always install them for you if needed.



Well, beginning with, I’m not selling any stack, GoEcwid is a fully ready to use website. You get a full Rapidweaver Project File built with Foundation 6 and Easy/Total CMS according to the version you pick.

You can preview the full version of the website here https://goecwid.foundationbox.studio/

In the video I posted before you find a project overview. I think that will give you a better idea of what that is.

Picture it as a theme but with a lot more power and personalization capabilities.
Did I explain myself?

And yes, of course you need an Ecwid account to power the website.

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@davidefan thank you for that… I’ll take a look though if I can get away without a subscription I will - thanks so much for your input on this thread